Welcome to TRUE  SMILE ORTHODONTICS, True provider of orthodontics in your community, located in Varthur main road –WHITE FIELD-BANGALORE-INDIA. our orthodontic care is friendly and patients highest  standards are maintained.  We use latest technology and methods in orthodontics like ESHETIC BRACES-CERAMIC BRACKETS. Lots of skeletal deformities with and without surgical corrections are done. It is not only that, importance is given to teeth also facial beauty is considered.

It is very important to know that every patient has different problems. So, Diagnosis treatment plan and treatment depends on it. We never select patients for the appliance available with us BUT we select treatment plan and appliance depending on the patients’ problem. We do treat from a new born baby to an adult of any age provided their bone condition is good. Photographs are taken before and after to show the dramatic changes and clinic is computerized for the latest technology. In fact international faculty members are available for consultation once in six months.

Here we are providing top consultants who are available in the town. At the same time, we encourage dental tourism in our center. Treatments are done for a short period with the class of results.

TrueSmile Orthodontist Clinic is An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Dental Clinic